Together We Can

Giving back through life-changing experiences-against all odds we will succeed.Stop Child ABUSE NOW

Together We Can

Giving back through life-changing experiences-against all odds we will succeed. WE IMPROVE YOUNG  CHILDRENS LIVES

Solutions USA

Nonprofit Disadvantage Kids Charity

The Mission:

The future of America is with the children. We plan to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and under served children by giving them computers to assist in their education, sporting goods to aid them in pursuing their athletic skills and bicycles to assist in giving them transportation. We can all make a difference by improving their lives. Please consider using a small portion of your resources to assist in aiding abused and disadvantaged children and help turning them into superstars.Lets give them the opportunity that we were given.Assisting abused and neglected children is PRIORITY ONE WITHIN SOLUTIONS USA INC

       -Martin Gubb, President Solutions USA INC 501 C3 corp.

Nothing is Better Than a Happy Smiling Child

Solutions USA INC is unique as there are no salaries paid, and over 97% of all collected donations go towards the purchase of computers, sporting equipment, and bicycles for the children in need. This is one of the highest payouts of any charity in America. Your donations are for the children and not for overhead ,expenses and advertising!! We do not mail out T shirts and Blankets.We do however use your dontations FOR THE ABUSED AND DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN

Solutions USA
Solutions USA

Let's Expand Their Minds

Together with your help, we can all give back and improve their young lives. Won't you help as together we can make a difference.America needs more super-achievers-we can all do more to make that happen!!!

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve their conditions.  Lets help prevent child abuse and assist those in need. CHILD NEGLECT AND ABUSE has no place in our American society. Lets eliminate it forever.Your generous donation will fund our mission.Let's improve these childrens lives-one at a time!!  IT FEELS GOOD TO GIVE BACK AND HELP!!!

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